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Ladies, would you work for free?! I mean 12 to 18 hours daily for someone, besides family, without gain of income. Almost impossible to think about, right? Well think again because in order to be successful or run a successful business you will have to resort to such matters. The circulation of open web and social media allows anyone to start up their own company or business for little to no cost.  In efforts to grow their business, some business owners are willing to work for free in an exchange for promoting a network base.

It’s almost hard to believe when, according to Fortune magazine, author Danielle Smith states the number of women-owned firms, in the U.S., grew a national average of 1.5 percent. The published “2015 State of Women-Owned Business Report” states that women own 30 percent of allbusinesses within the U.S. Alongside this achievement are the African American women who control 14 percent of these companies. This increase in women-ownership stems from negative factors in fair pay, fair promotion, and family-friendly policies seen in corporate America. Which basically, drives African American women to invest in themselves.

Rather than gross income, most of these investments in oneself stems from the passion African American women have with their businesses. This passion for their investment sometimes results in African American women working for free. Just ask 45 year old Sherondra McGrew who recently started an event planning business on the Westside of Chicago. With just the support and referrals from her clients Sherondra gained recognition in her ability to transform any event on a low-income budget. Always having a passion for decor and set up for family and friends events, Sherondra fulfilled her dream when she decided to go into business for herself. 

“If you love it you’ll do it for free”, said Sherondra. Her business “Beautifully Budgeted Events” strive to support low-income families who, in her opinion, have champagne taste but beer money. Money was the least of Sherondra concern when offering her services. Her biggest award is witnessing her vision for an event prosper beyond the client’s expectations.

“My biggest joy is hearing the bride or client say they love my planning,” said Sherondra 

In efforts, to maintain these budgeted services Sherondra has equipped the help from family members with set up and furnishing each event she does for free. She even provides entertainment if the client can’t afford it. Sherondra makes certain every event feel lavish while staying within mean of what each client can afford. With that mentality Sherondra has gained clientele who are willing to pay for her services, decor, and entertainment.  

Though Sherondra continue her free services for low income families, her business has grown within middle class families. She now has five booked weddings in the next year and plan to launch her website within a few months. So to the African American women that are looking into owning their own business, remain humble and open minded in offering your services for those who can not afford them. It could lead to successful referrals and contacts in the growth of your business.

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