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Yeezy, Yeezy in the Building! | @parisxramond


Yeezy, Yeezy in the Building! | @parisxramond


Yes, you heard right! Yeezy is back! Kanye West finally released his clothing line, Yeezy Season 3, last Thursday (Feb.11th). A few days ago, Yeezy Season 3 was broadcasted live via Internet for the world to see. Impressively his prices are actually affordable this time around.

This is the third clothing line Kanye West has launched for his fans, fashionista, and customers. All clothes involved with each season are high quality pieces that are trending at the moment. With the success from the previous two seasons, why wouldn’t he come out with another one? 

Model Naomi Campbell (left) was seen on the runway of Kanye West fashion show.  

Yeezy Season 1 and 2 gave everyone a shock with the outstanding sales results. 30 high-end retailer stores around the country, where the items didn’t last too long at all, picked up this clothing line. Sam Lobban, buyer manager of, told Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) that everything sold well across the board. Not only were their amazing sale results, the viewers for the presentation of the clothing line also reached an all time high. Results show that the presentation for Yeezy Season 1 was ranked the top presentation at

Kanye West had a sold out fashion show for Yeezy Season 3 at Madison Square Garden, where abundance of‘A-list’ fashion forward. From his close friends and family, to his favorite musicians that he works with, were there to celebrate the new clothing line presentation. Many people got tickets to see it in person. If you couldn’t catch it in person, there was a live steam available on, where up to 20 million people tuned in to see what Kanye had in store.


While some are waiting for Yeezy Season 3 to hit the stores, others can enjoy his creative album ‘The Life Of Pablo’, which is available on The publicity of Kanye grows stronger and stronger! 

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