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Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Paving the way for others to do the same


Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Paving the way for others to do the same

It has just been released by the Recording Industry Association of America that Beyoncé will receive her sixth platinum certificate for here newest album, LEMONADE. RIAA tweeted ,”The queen is now 6 for 6 with #RIAAPlatinum or more albums! #LEMONADE is Platinum, @Beyonce! Congratulations!” earlier this morning.

Beyoncé had gotten Platinum certifications from RIAA for every album she has released since she’s started her solo career. Even more astonishing, is that she is one of the very few to go multi-platinum in the past decade.

According to Billboard, Beyoncé’s self titled album was dubbed the second best album of the decade and scored a 85/100 which is the best score any female artist has received thus far.

Also, she is one of the two only black female artists to go double platinum on one of her albums.  For her to have broken the glass ceiling for female artists in this decade, this provides motivation for other women struggling to do the same.

A prime example of some attempting to break the glass ceiling is Hillary Clinton. Yesterday, June 7th,  CNN released that Hillary Clinton won California and secured her spot as the Democratic candidate for this years presidential election. Hillary Clinton is the first woman to ever be nominated as the Democratic candidate in the history of this country. She was also the first woman to run for a Democratic candidacy against Barack Obama. While she didn’t reign successful in winning the popularity over Barack Obama, this was the first time she broke the glass ceiling. This act of heroism and courage has motivated many young woman across America.

All in all, while these two women are in two different areas of business, Beyoncé and Hillary Clinton, are showing that if women put forth the effort and fight against the odds, their hard work will payoff. These firsts for women across America are allowing women to feel more empowered and want to create more first throughout the millennium.

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