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“My brother was mentally ill” says sister after Police shoot unarmed man dead.


“My brother was mentally ill” says sister after Police shoot unarmed man dead.

Video released by an eyewitness captured a woman weeping as the body of brother lay in his own pool of blood after El Cajon California police fatally shot him. Officers were responding to a call of an African American male who appeared to be in his 30’s, was reportedly acting erratic, wandering around talking to himself and walking in and out of traffic. “I called the Police three times to help him, he was sick,” the woman said.

The video posted to YouTube showed the woman being confrontational with officers as she question them as to why they didn’t have a crisis team come out, “why couldn’t you taste him? I didn’t call you to shoot him.” 

Although his name was not officially released as police continue their investigation, his along sister along with relatives said the mans name was Alfred Olango who was 30 years old. Police chief Jeff Davis said in a statement that he wants the protests to remain and calm and to let police investigate, “ to shed light on this event” to be open and transparent as it pertains to the law, Davis said. 

It is not clear as to why the mans sister called the police, but when police arrived on scene he was behind a restaurant pacing back and forth as he ignored police demands to speak with them. He allegedly reached into his pocket and drew his “hands” in a shooting position that resembled a stance toward one of the officers. Davis said the man places his hands in the officers face at which the first officer responded by tasing the man while the second officer fired the fatal shot that killed the man. 

While police say the man apparently had an “object” that had been recovered, however, few details were released as to what was recovered. The Cell phone that captured the shooting was voluntarily turned into police as the District Attorney’s office investigate the details of the incident one thing is clear that the video coincides with police statements. The department said both officers who both are veterans with 21 years on the force, we’re not wearing body cameras as the department had completed a pilot program and ironically the equipment had not been “ delivered.” 

The incident comes on the heels of hundreds of Police Shootings targeting African American men and women who are unarmed such as the case of Terrence Crutcher whose death sparked a wave of protest. 

While the details remain under investigation, several people including a man who was leaving the shopping center saw the man without a shirt wandering around and acting strange. He claimed that he heard about five shots by police officers. A official released on Twitter disputed some accounts of what happened, but the man was given standard CPR and was taken to a local hospital were he was pronounced dead. 

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