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Trump Call To Action: Announces List of Day-1 Executive Actions


Trump Call To Action: Announces List of Day-1 Executive Actions

President-Elect Donald Trump announced on Monday November 21st that the has ordered his transition team to create a draft list of all executive actions he could take on day one in office. This announcement was in fact his 100 Day Transition plan based on his simple core principal “Putting America First”.

The 2 min YouTube video was posted resulting in the first time the President-Elect has directly communicated with the public since winning the election. Interesting enough, this announcement may come as somewhat of shock to some politicians seeing how past presidents, like Republican President George W. Bush and Democratic President Barrack Obama, have both updated the country in press conferences almost daily. The President – Elect has yet to inform us on a future press conference.

In the video, The President-Elect males 6 calls for action on Energy, Trade, Immigration, The amount of policies we have, and national security. Another interesting fact one could point out is how he did not once talk about any core topics he preached about in his election. You know, his plans of action towards the Affordable Care Act, the tax code, plans on Iran Nuclear Deal and Building his proposed wall along the southern boarder of the country.

Nevertheless, an important aspect that is addressed is what the effects of these changes will be that are proposed by the President- Elect. These changes may force governmental agencies to rewrite and ultimately change the way they operate while considering that change effect on their business.

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“On Regulation, I will formulate a rule that says for every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated, its so important.” – President-Elect Donald Trump.”

Mr. Trump has continued back –to- back interviews and meetings with white house representatives along with prospective candidates taking the seat in the president’s cabinet.

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