A Sit Down with The People’s Champ: DJ Milticket

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Known as the People’s champ, My Mixtapes Icon DJ MilTicket has already had his first imprint in the Chicago music culture. Along with being G-Herbo’s number one DJ, DJ MilTicket has proven to resonate with the people in the communities that listen and appreciate him the most in his hometown Chicago, Il.

Within his growth as a DJ, MilTicket was able to still stick loyal to his streets when it came to “playing the records that the people wanna hear.” Gaining the respect from others in his field was seen as nothing unexpected as he continued to travel and spin in different cities across the nation.

 “I’m doing something that’s never been done before.”

-DJ MilTicket

His current new interest in producing gives What’s The Word TV an exclusive of what his newest projects might feature. We heard a sample of his producing skills in a song he worked on with Rico Reckless called, No Talking. 


As for now his word to the wise was to be on the look out for the up coming new talent emerging form the city of Chicago including upcoming artist Queen Key.

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