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THE WORD | Lil Yachty The Real City Girls


THE WORD | Lil Yachty The Real City Girls

Recently, Lil Yatchy sat down for an interview and spilled the beans that he wrote Act Up by City Girls. I know, shocker right, well the news has people talking and they’re a little upset, even me. Honestly, I feel betrayed, I know that sound dramatic but, that was my theme song! Act Up empowered me to get my sacks up, don’t give a hell what a hater got to say and for me to get a man with m.o.n.e.y. However, the song now feels different knowing a man wrote it. Welp, heres the interview of Yachty spilling the beans, ladies tell us how you feel about the disappointing news in our comment sections.

Hello, World!

Via: Cheanell Dotson

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