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Stefhon Daze – Broken People Good Hearts

WHO PUT YOU ON: This project came through as a WHATS THE BUZZ submission. I felt like I learned a lot about Stefhon from this project. I feel like he’s a highly motivated individual who knows how to create a melody that you won’t easily forget. Take a listen for yourself and see how much you can relate to this EP. (Corli Jay)

J.I- Own shit

WHO PUT YOU ON: The first time I listened the song I was driving in my car and the volume was all the way up. In the song J.I spits greatness about doing your own thing. And he’s absolutely right. This joint is extremely relatable you gotta check it out (Lovejones)

Rioo Cheeny – War Ready 

WHO PUT YOU ON: @sirblakemore had put me on Rioo Cheeny initially. I’ve since been following him and easily became a fan. This track is a car banger. You can take a ride anywhere and put this joint on and it’ll go crazy. (Corli Jay)

SAY – wicked eyes

WHO PUT YOU ON: @Corlijay put me on. From listening to this song you can tell he was rapping from the heart. Meaning you can feel the emotion he was feeling when rapping the song. We don’t see this as often anymore. & I’m here for all of it! Keep up the good work (Lovejones)

Yung Pinch – Perfect

WHO PUT YOU ON: @codymackkk added this one to the list. I am really feeling this song, on first listen it was a real good vibe. It made me feel all warm in the inside. The hook is really catchy and captivating. It sounds like a summer jam but you can really play it any time. (Corli Jay)

‘LGado- Scuba

WHO PUT YOU ON: @codymackkk and @Foreverlovejones put me on. Now this is a hype you type of song. From the moment you start the song you won’t be able to stop dancing this so go crazyyyyyy (Foreverlovejones)

Fredo Bang – Oouuh

WHO PUT YOU ON: Fredo’s “Oouuh” was a WSHH exclusive, its hard not to rock with this joint. The beat is vibrant and makes you want to dance. The way Fredo sings on the hook is contagious and by the time you hear the hook for the second time you’re already singing along. (Corli Jay)

MVP Tino – Blackout

WHO PUT YOU ON: @Codymackkk put me on to this song. MVP TINOS voice blends so good with the flow of the melody. I like how you did that! Dope song man. Good song to vibe too! (Lovejones)

Cassius Tae – Roses

WHO PUT YOU ON: I actually met Cassius when he performed at an open mic over the summer. This track is full of bars, Cassius is flowing nonstop, “Rose from it all, like the hometown point guard.” Cassius is proving that he is a rose growing from concrete with this one. (Corli Jay)

Chelly The Mc – Shotta Flow Remix

WHO PUT YOU ON: This girl has barssssss ! Her lyrics are crispy and clear. This song go so hard I love everything about this song (Lovejones)



    October 18, 2019 at 3:12 pm

    @stefhondaze i love this. Nice Ep Broken people Good Hearts. ❤ ❤..


    October 18, 2019 at 3:12 pm

    @stefhondaze i love this. Nice Ep Broken people Good Hearts. ❤ ❤..

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