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Lamonae – Badd

WHO PUT YOU ON: I met Lamonae at a music submission event. I really like Lamonae’s flow on here. The hook is catchy and we get a chance to know who she is through this song. She has lots of charisma and spunk. (Corli_Jay)

Lil West Feat. Calboy – Want Love 

WHO PUT YOU ON: This one was a WSHH Exclusive. I love the upbeat tone, it’s a cute song to sing with your boo. It’s always great to hear women appreciate songs, Calboy was a great asset to this track. (Corli_Jay)

Kd Young Cocky – I’ll Never Know

WHO PUT YOU ON: LakeShoreHY this track is all about being carefree. “Roll some more, smoke some more. I can tell whose real, I guess we’ll never know.” You can never be too sure who’s going to be 100 with you or whose playing you, just keep it moving and do you. (Corli_Jay)

Syl Messi – Whole Time

WHO PUT YOU ON: Syl is the younger brother of recent WHATS THE BUZZ artist Matt Muse. The two are very talented yet very different. Syl is the more wild brother from what I can tell by his music and this track leaves much to be desired. I really had fun listening to this one. (Corli_Jay)

Melii – No Hard Feelings

WHO PUT YOU ON: @Foreverrlovejones put this one on the list. This track is dope forreal. Melii is speaking for the ladies on this one. Don’t ever be scared to move on, you might be better off. Sing it girl! (Corli_Jay)

Markie ft. Lil Durk – In My Flesh

This joint a banger ! Not only does he have durk on the track but the beat is so sick. The whole flow of the song just blends so well together. Throughout the entire song their spitting some real shit. (Lovejones)

GUAPDAD 4000 – Flossin’

No lie , The hook of this song got me hook. IMM FLOSSSINNN ! This guy is not afraid to express that he’s a ladies man. I mean check out the visual. Its very outstanding. (Lovejones)

MVP Goldie FT MVP Nasa – Day Ones

Okay, y’all gotta check this one out. In the song he talks about ridding for his day ones and man that’s a great feeling. Having people that you know you can trust and got your back is a wonderful feeling.The Whole MVP crew has been putting in that work and they’re proving to the world that it’s their time now!

Chris & Debo – Bring Em Out

The rising Duo Chris & Demo released a track that’s catchy, and the singing adlibs are great. When Chris hits that AHAHAHAAHA, its magical. I can’t wait to hear more from these two. Shout out to Miles from Premo for putting me on. (Cody Mack)

Gherbo – Can’t Sleep

Everybody waiting on Gherbo to drop his next project PTSD, he teases us with this Can’t Sleep record. This track is really buzzing in the streets because of the producers. ProduceRS Solo and DomJ, are getting a lot from the city of Chicago because of this track. (Cody Mack)

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