The 5th time celebrating 2: Timbuck2 Forever Tribute event, Ghostface Killah, Puma’s $2500 gift

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The 5th Annual Timbuck2 Forever Tribute Event at HOB this past Tuesday gave a snapshot into what the TFJ Foundation has stood for the past 5 years, men’s health and maintaining it. 

This year activities included a sneaker collab with PUMA with a $2,500 donation to support the foundations efforts and major DJ’s including D Nice, Maseo of De La Soul, Clark Kent and DJ Pharris. 

Timbuck2 mentee Boi Jeanius announced the reboot of Go ILL Radio where DJ Timbuck2 would feature major Chicago artist and showcase their new music on major radio station WGCI. Local artist Rockie Fresh, Mother Nature, including legendary Mikkey Halsted and Project Mayhem graced the stage this year bringing back the nostalgia of Go ILL. 

Wu- Tang member Ghostface Killah shocked they crowd as the surprise guest of the evening bringing out Killah Priest performing hits from Supreme Clientele and 36 Chambers. The theme this year #BattleAnnually speaks to the ongoing battle and fight with cancer and being aware of your health. 

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