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Top Hip-POP Cultural Impacts of 2019


Top Hip-POP Cultural Impacts of 2019

Sadly 2019 has come to an end. Amazingly, some of the things that occurred this year really moved the culture as a whole and definitely made a strong impact. From losing some of the worlds legends, to being a proud Chicagoan, 2019 was one for the books. We have had plenty of good & bad moments that will definitely never be forgotten. Here are the recaps of the highs and lows 2019 had to offers us.

The Death of Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey was gunned down out side of his store March 31st. The impact that it had on the world, was definitely a tough one.  

Jessie Smollett

Super star Jussie Smollet from the FOX show Empire, got busted. The world found out that Smollet filed an alleged assault.

F*** You TalmBout? Fam.

This definitely was a moment to be a proud Chicagoan. You honestly have to be from Chicago to know that this man wasn’t worried about nothin’ but getting to where he had to be. 

Tyler Perry Studios

Our hip hop culture has always been a huge fan of Tyler Perry’s plays and movies. He has now opened up his own recording studio for upcoming projects and movies. 

Pops and John Singleton Dying 

The world looked at these two as the father figures to the hip hop culture and when they passed away everyone was moved. 

Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Now this sandwich had the world going crazy. People were fighting and all type of crazy stuff over this sandwich. Yes, it is bomb! 

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6ix9ine Court Case

This man put everyone on blast. 

When They See Us

A Netflix film on the the story of five young males who were falsely accused of an assault and rape of a New York jogger. 

Lil Nas x – Old Town Road

The dance of the year goes to old town road. This song had everyone on their feet. Lil nas X definitely brung back country music to the African American culture. An on top of that, he got the G.O.A.T of country Billy Ray Cyrus to feature on the song. 

Surviving R.Kelly

The case of R Kelly was taken into action and things started not to look so good for Kelly. 

Da Baby

Da baby’s career took off so fast and in a uprising way. The mans is on every new song out, weather it be his own song or a featured piece. Da baby has had a great year. 

Hot Girl Summer

Summer 2019 was all about HOT GIRL SUMMER. It had all the ladies on that “ do what you want and not care about what anyone has to say” mood. 

Kanye’s Sunday Service

Kanye produced a small tour, shedding light on true gospel music. People literally traveled from all over to experience the live performance. 

Botham jean case, Brother Hugging his murderer

An off duty police women entered an apartment, that she thought was her’s. Which resulted in the actual owner of the apartment, being shot and killed. At the end of the trial when things were finalized the victim who was killed, brother, forgave the police women which created a large roar in the world.

Millennium tour

This tour gave the world a MAJOR throwback & everyone was for the fun. The tour included B2k, Mario, Ying Yang Twins, Llyod, Pretty Ricky and Chingy. 

Chance the rapper’s the big day (Chicago)

Chance released The Big Day Album dedicated to his wife. The world had lots of thoughts about this project. 

Lori lightfoot/sh teachers union strike (Chicago)

LoriLight Foot became the first African American women to become major in the city of Chicago. She also announced that she was openly gay. Also a big Roar occurred when the CPS staff went on strike.

2019 has been one heck of a year. But 2020 here we come ! 

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