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THE WORD | Mental health is Not a Joke. Delonte West’s peers backs him up


THE WORD | Mental health is Not a Joke. Delonte West’s peers backs him up

The words Delonte West trending on Twitter on Monday night. The reason was painful for so many to see. This funny man, this great basketball talent, at a low point, in handcuffs, almost incoherent, shirtless on a curb, asked about a fight. West on the ground being hit by another man on the street, also captured on video.

West’s troubles with mental illness had been long established, even as he played out his NBA career. In 2009, West was arrested after officers pulled him over for speeding on a motorcycle while carrying two loaded handguns and a loaded shotgun in a guitar case, riding on the Capital Beltway when he cut off an officer, who pulled him over. He was suspended for 10 games after pleading guilty to gun charges.

Mental illness is not a foreign topic in the sports world, certainly not in the NBA. Starting this season, the league requires teams to have at least one full-time mental health professional. Last fall, the league hosted a mandatory health and wellness meeting for team executives. In 2018, the National Basketball Players Association announced its own mental health and wellness program. That same year, Philadelphia natives Marcus and Markieff Morris both detailed to ESPN how they were living with depression. Many others have come forward to tell of their struggles. – Mike Jenson, Philadelphia Inquirer

Delonte West’s peers eager to show there support with encouragement The reason was painful for so many to see him in that situation. Others used the situation to make jokes and memes. His friends peers took social media ro defend him.

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