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CeeTheWorld – Imagine A Love

Who Put You On: Everything on this track works together. The guitar chords, Cee’s voice, the bass. You will want to run this track back at least 3 times. We all have imagined a love like the one he describes. A beautiful song. (Corli_Jay)

Ember Nicolle – When You Touch Me

Who Put You On: This came in as a submission. Ember Nicolle is the epitome of an R&B singer. She made it fun to listen to a slow track.  Her voice is infectious when she hits that hook, you can’t help but sing along the second go around. Keep it up Queen! (Corli_Jay)

D2X – We

Who Put You On: I’ve been admiring D2x for a while now, I officially met him at Hot Rod’s Lit Pit concert a couple months ago. This newly released track exposes D2x’s vulnerable side. This song is very relatable, listening to D2x’s lyrics I think about my relationship and how “We” are truly all in. (Corli_Jay)

Ferrari Yanni – Dedication

Who Put You On: Dedication is what Ferrari Yanni is showing on this track. “Ain’t got nothing to do with luck, it’s my dedication.” Those lyrics resonate with me. I appreciate songs like this. I’m always on the hunt for tracks that push me and this one got the job done. (Corli_jay)

KingShow – No Hook Pt. 1

Who Put You On: Cody Mack

Lil Zay Osama – BMW

Who Put You On: Cody Mack

Taylor Bennett- Good Guy

Who Put You On: Cody Mack


Who Put You On: Cody Mack

Timo – No Cap

Who Put You On: Cody Mack

RO$$ MAC feat Sayyi – Go Legit

Who Put You On:

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