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In global news, the rise and outbreak of the Coronavirus has shocked the nation. Since the virus has popped into the world it’s claimed the lives of over 300,000 people in it’s short life span. While doctors and officials all around are still researching to pinpoint how to prevent and stop it, people are beginning to panic.

The CDC, Center for Control and Disease, has done it’s best to advise everyone on preventative measures but without concrete information on the virus their tips appear very generic. While there aren’t many answers to solving and understanding the virus, the focus has recently been on it’s affect in the stock market. Since the outbreak gained attention in the U.S, there has been a slight decline in profit among the trade markets, airlines, etc. With China’s death rates reaching the thousands many travel restrictions have been made among both humans as well as goods. Last week the stock market saw a decline in funds due to the virus. Aside from the decline in airlines and imports/trades amongst China and the U.S, the world is beginning to see the virus’s effect on our everyday lives. Last week Chicago State University’s basketball team canceled two road games due to “concerns about the spread of the Coronavirus.” One of the cancelled games was with Utah Valley University  and Seattle University, where there have been 9 fatal cases of the Coronavirus.

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I ❤️ her assessment, mind you our ”uncoordinated efforts” aren’t making for the best comparison but here are some high level insights to consider. #Neuroscientist #TravelDoc #evolvingsituation • #Repost @sisterscientist with @get_repost ・・This isn’t the first outbreak to occur in our lifetimes. So 1) how does this compare to other outbreaks, 2) who’s really at the highest risk and how do we best protect ourselves, and 3) let’s use ground zero (China) as a case study to predict what is coming and how to best handle it. We (the USA) are about 50 days behind China and they are starting to recover, so we have a leg up in someways to use that data to develop strategic plans to combat this thing. • So in the spirit of being armed with facts and data, I’m sharing these clear & well-sourced infographics from @infobeautiful (cause I know y’all only read pictures) so that you can be better educated on this global pandemic and make informed decisions, versus being on an emotional rollercoaster from social media and 24hr news outlets making it feel like this is the apocalypse. • Like I said, this virus is real and kicking people’s butts! However, the biggest take away from this has been the people who are most susceptible and are at the highest risk are over 60yrs old with previously compromised immune systems. So check on your elders and focus on minimizing their social interactions and arming them with disinfectant and soap, rather than buying up all the DAMN toilet paper!!! IJS 🤷🏽‍♀️ #knowledgeispower #knowbetterdobetter #washyourdamnhands • • • • #facts #data #covid #covid19 #corona #pandemic #sickday #washyourhands #staysafe #science #virus #viruses #johnhopkins #worldhealthorganization #protectyourpeace #sisterscientist #stemedia #sistasinstem #nerdlife #nerdygirl #womeninstem #iamanengineer

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Even more so, precautions for maintaining balance between our everyday lifestyles and avoiding the Coronavirus has taken center stage with the NBA. Basketball star, Lebron James has recently responded to the rumors of the league considering to continue hosting basketball games without the need for an audience. But since then the league has suspended the NBA season due to Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Along with him, his teammate Donovavn Mitchell has been confirmed infected as well. The virus has certainly spread extremely affecting many individuals and celebrities alike. Many infected celebrities have announced their quarantine status like actor Tom Hanks and soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Aside from the sports world making accommodations to life with the coronavirus, events have become affected. The annual SXSW conference/festival has announced on March 6 that they would be canceling the March events. While the larger events were cancelled in the festival, other, smaller, street events were still scheduled. Along with the SXSW festival other mass media events like the NABJ conference scheduled this weekend in St. Louis has been cancelled along with Coachella Festival. The large music festival announced it’s rescheduling earlier this week.

As the numbers of infected individuals has risen and nearly tripled since last week, mass hysteria is not far behind. Social media has connected us with the world and people have documented the way their lives are being effected by the virus. Citizens have recorded videos displaying empty airplanes and empty store shelves! With rumors of mass quarantine floating on the internet, people have been buying hand sanitize and Lysol wipes in attempts of protecting themselves. COVID-19 is certainly a conversation many are having and is something that’s alarming the nation. Stay tuned into your local news source to follow updates.

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