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The last couple of months have been mind blowing. Who would’ve ever thought you would have to wear a mask, or wait in line to get in a store? The fact of the matter is COVID-19 messed up a lot of things; I would say it is the biggest cock block of 2020. Ask yourself this, “how are you going to find the person of your dreams when half of your face is coved?” Dating during quarantine is a joke. Although things are slowly reopening you still may be skeptical to meet up with someone in public. It’s safer to do curb side or delivery, which really limits your options. No worries though, here are some of the most creative dates you could participate in during this pandemic. 


This date is for those who just met & aren’t comfortable with going to each other’s houses. You both don’t want to leave the house but you really want to get to know each other. Try a virtually shared activity- you can both plan to cook the same meal, call each other up on FaceTime and let the date begin. It’s definitely something different and cute. Oh, and of course you’ll need good reception. 


That first date I’m sure you guys will remember automatically. If you’re running out of date night ideas how about you recreate your first date. Make sure it’s to the T because you want your lover to know exactly what they’re experiencing all over again. 


Pull out all your favorite board games and have some fun. Let’s be honest, every couple is a-little competitive. Let the battle begin. 


With everything going on, everyone needs a spa day. A nice massage will simply make your worries go away. Well, at least for a second. This date is very intimate and will lead to something even more intimate. All you need is some type of body oil or lotion. Just imagine getting a nice soothing massage from your lover after a long day. Yes, it’ll hit the spot.


Now you can do this activity either inside or outside, which ever you choose but there can’t be any television on cause there isn’t a tv at the park. Grab an old blanket, a basket & even grab a fan for a wind replica. Whip up some finger foods such as sandwiches, fruit, vegetables etc. and there you have it, a picnic date. 


For the couples who love to dance, pull out your loudest speaker & slip on your dancing shoes. It’s time to hit the floor but in your own home by turning your living room into your favorite night club. Challenge your partner to an entente


Cook a meal together! And no, I’m not talking about a sandwich. Go on either Pinterest or Google to find a recipe and let the fun flow from there. The conversation will flow as the two bounce of each other for spicing up the meal.


Now if you wanna be fancy fancy this one is for you. If you have a screen projector plug it in outside under the stars and enjoy a movie outside with your lover. This date gives you a reason to bring it in close and your lover will love it. All you really need is a projector, a couple pillows and blankets and of course your favorite movie snacks. If you don’t have a projector, you can simply carry one of your TVs outside and it’ll do the job just as well.

Y’all see how creative those dates were? By simply planning one of these dates listed above, you can definitely get all the brownie points and your partner won’t be disappointed. Yes, it’s a little corny but it’s the thought and creativity that matters. In all seriousness WE need to keep in mind that covid is still out there and try to stay in as much as possible! This will all come to an end if we follow precautions and hopefully everything can go back to normal. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy these quarantine friendly dates.

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