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Chicagoans Call for Removal of Abusive Land Lord for Tenant Ran Cooperative


Chicagoans Call for Removal of Abusive Land Lord for Tenant Ran Cooperative

Her name is Tashayanna, a Black woman who lives in a multi-unit building that is located at 6655 S. Perry on the city’s South Side. The tenant moved into the building on May 4th of last year, where she said her landlord, Amer Mostafa made 5 illegal entrees by May 10th. 

On Tuesday, January 26, 2021, the nonprofit activist group GoodKids MadCity held a press conference for Tashayanna to address the altercation that she experienced with her building manager. 

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The press conference took place in front of the building the day after a hefty snow storm, one of the heaviest the city’s seen in the past two years. Supporters stood in solidarity with Tashayanna as the glass windows to her apartment remained broken, allowing the bitterness of winter into her place of dwelling.   

On January 10th, Mostafa allegedly busted Tashayanna’s windows—Mustofa is claimed to have a history of being abusive with multiple tenants. Tashayanna further states that she recently went out of town and Mostafa broke down her door and ravaged her home; he also got physically abusive with her when she attempted to repair the windows he had smashed and began to kick her when she fell to the floor as they struggled with the plywood.  

GoodKids MadCity paid for Tashayanna to stay in an Airbnb and she currently has a GoFundMe for supporters to help her in finding stable housing and replacing all her items that were destroyed by the snow. Tenants and activists are demanding that Mustofa be terminated as building manager and the building be turned into a tenant-run cooperative. 


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