G-Herbo’s 25 Album Release Party


Chicago’s well-known artist, G Herbo held a unique listening party at the Soho House in Chicago. Unlike other listening parties, this one was a silent party courtesy of Urban Fetes, which was a shock to everyone walking into the event. With just days away from dropping his album 25, he gathered around his closest friends, entertainment buddies, and more to be one of the first to hear his album. 

Before playing out the album, Mikkey Halsted made sure to give G Herbo credit for how far he’s come in life. Giving the crowd a flashback of how he and Herb got in tune was something we didn’t know that we needed. “When I saw his eyes, I saw somebody that can be the next Tupac for this generation,” said Mikkey as he explained his first thoughts on seeing one of G Herbo’s early-career freestyles. Throughout the speech, Mikkey let it be known that we have to bring something back to the city. In order to give back, we have to look at ourselves which is what G Herbo has been doing, from the crowd you can tell that he had the support that he needs. 

G Herbo made sure to add in a few words on why his album was named 25. It’s no secret that he just turned 25, but the story behind that is much more interesting.“I always wanted to make music, to not only help myself through [pain] but to help other people. I’ve never been one of those artists to chase hit records, chase fame, or be one of the biggest. I feel like I'm the biggest me, the best me that I can ever be,” he said while looking into the crowd. 

As the crowd was listening to the album, you can look around the room and see that everyone was really feeling it as a whole. From the first song to the last, everyone enjoyed it to the point where G Herbo had to run some songs back. “I believe Friday after next, we’ll have the number 1 album in the country,” said Mikkey Halsted. From the reactions the crowd gave at the end of the event, you can tell this album is going to go up in numbers.

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