Chaos ensues at Travis Scotts’ third annual Astro World Festival: 8 dead 2 dozen injured

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This weekend Travis Scott kicked off his third annual Astro World Fest. The crowd of 50,000 packed into NRG Stadium for a night filled with music and fun. What was supposed to be day one of the festival quickly turned into a nightmare as the crowd erupted in complete chaos. In a statement issued by Houston Fire Department Chief Sam Pena 

“At approximately 9:15 Friday, the crowd started to compress toward the front of the stage, and that caused panic. Houston Fire department has transported 17 people to the hospital 11, of those, were in cardiac arrest.”

Fan gives chest compress to unknown man

With 8 people dead and 2 dozen injured, the festival is canceled for the rest of the weekend and under investigation. With questions surrounding how something like this could’ve happened during a Live Nation event, many are pointing the finger at Travis Scott. Rumored to have some of the most dangerous concert sets as fans entering the mosh pit sometimes come out injured. In one video posted to Twitter, you can hear the fans asking him to stop the set

 Travis’s response was

 “who wants me to stop? Y’all know what the fuck y’all came to do.”  

As this story continues to develop, The question arises, what should festival organizers do to create crowd control in massive festivals such as Astro World? 

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