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Reality TV Show Cameraman (Black Ink Crew, 90 Day Fiance, We Got Love Iman & Teyana) CeeTheWorld has stepped from behind the production scenes to the forefront with his new R&B album entitled “Pretty Good At Bad Decisions”.

As a cameraman and videographer, Cee’s content has been viewed by millions. His new album PGABD, seeks to launch him to the forefront as both a remarkable artist and songwriter. This project has everything a real R&B fan needs from smooth ballads like “Imagine A Love” and “My Wife” to undeniable up-tempo hits such as “Ain’t Done (Hoe)”.

You may not be familiar with CeeTheWorld now, but this release is guaranteed to become a timeless classic that propels him to the forefront of mainstream music.

“With this album, I wanted a cohesive project that really had HITS! Beginning to end with no fillers or throwaway tracks. I wanted to make records that are undeniable. It took a little time but I am confident that I delivered on my objective.” – CeeTheWorld

Recently dropping a video for the lead single “Ain’t Done (Hoe)”, Cee had to keep it close to home by adding a few cameo’s from some familiar Black Ink Crew faces. This high-energy ode to being a retired player is sure to keep heads bopping.

Available now on all streaming platforms, be sure to check out CeeTheWorld’s “Pretty Good At Bad Decisions”!

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