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Before the pandemic, when it came to paying back the debt, you’d normally get to it when you can. After the pandemic started, people started to see an increase on phone calls from the debt collectors. Whether it was by answer on accident or even if you forwarded it to voicemail, you knew who it was. As of yesterday, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau drop the bomb on thise who are in debt with new rules. According to The Washington Post, debt collectors have a new way of reaching us for the money which is social media. Yes, one of your Facebook friends can really be a debt collector.

Although they can reach us just by simply being our friend on a social site, doesn’t mean we can get blasted for our outstanding balance, they have restrictions. Debt collectors can’t embarrass you, but they can send you a private message letting you know the company is attempting to collect the debt that you owe. As much as this can be useful to debt collectors and a pain to us, they are still required to give us the option to opt out of getting contacted by them from that platform.

Debt collectors can contact us through email, text, phone calls, and now social media.

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