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It’s officially bae season. It’s cold outside, the snow is about to start sticking to the floor and what do we all want to do? Be boo’d up. Now I know most of us want to stay inside so that we don’t have to deal with the cold and snow. Let’s be honest staying in the house can get boring, so I’m going to share some cute activities you can do in and outdoor with your winter bae.


Of course it’s a must that you go ice skating. Whether you know how to skate or not, ice skating is the perfect date to go on in the winter time. It’s super fun and it can allow you to put your trust in your date. So don’t let your date fall. Get this, skating is FREE with unlimited skate time but you do have to pay for skate rentals if you don’t have your own pair. This ice rink is located in the heart of downtown, so dress warm and be prepared to have some fun.

Skate Rentals: $13 Monday–Thursday, $15 Friday-Sunday & Holidays

Mask are required for this event. You do not have to be vaccinated or Covid tested before attending.


IO Godfrey has been the talk of Chicago. They have an amazing rooftop view and now they have cute intimate igloos that you can rent out for dinner. This one may be a little pricey but the experience is worth it. The igloos are heated, the food is great and they are known for their amazing drinks. To make reservations you do have to purchase a bottle and the prices can range from $300-$1000. So get all dressed up and take a trip to this unforgettable experience.

For this event masks are required but you don’t need to be tested or vaccinated.



Now this one is a must and all it consists of is taking a nice stroll through the park. This outing is perfect for the newer winter baes because it can really allows the two to converse and enjoy the unique Christmas lights.

Brookfield: Adults $17- $24

Lincoln Park Zoo: Free admission on Mondays & Tuesday. Any other day it costs just $5.

For this event masks are required but you don’t need to be tested or vaccinated before taking your ride.


This has to be the most intimate of all the outdoor festivities, mostly because it can allow you to be up close with your winter bae. Just think about it, the city is filled with holiday lights. The ride has no doors or windows which means you can get close and snug up with your winter bae. These rides can cost you about $25 to $50. Grab you a cup of hot chocolate before the ride and enjoy. Wait, I want to let you in on a little secret, going on a horse back ride for a date is every girls dream. This might put you up 10 points.

For this event masks are required but you don’t need to be tested or vaccinated before taking your ride.


Movie nights don’t always have to be a Netflix and Chill kind of night, what about Starz and HBO? Movies are the perfect way to chill and relax to with your bae. Plus when you’re watching a good movie your attention shouldn’t leave the TV screen. Pop some popcorn, grab your favorite blanket and press play.


Cooking/baking may get a little messy but it’s also great for testing out your communication skills. This may be a task but I’m sure you will learn your winter bae’s listening skills and see how well you guys work together. Hopefully one knows how to cook but if not you guys can learn together. Plus it’ll be fun, so grab your cook book with your favorite apron & cook away.


A simple sip and paint in your living room will be the perfect in house date with your bae. You can even spice it up and make it into a competition of who can create the best piece. This activity is such a vibe! So put on your favorite tunes, sip some wine and the night is young.

I hope you try at least one of these activities and it brings you joy with your winter bae.

Please make sure to wear your mask and we at WhatsTheWord encourage you to get vaccinated.

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