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Ray Charles is a legendary soul musician who is well known for playing Jazz. From the moment that he was born, he went through a lot. He wanted to show the world how it was growing up as him and how he become who he was by putting out a biopic. Jamie Foxx portrayed in the movie Ray Charles, which was released in July 2004. When released, people were astonished on how Jamie played the role of Ray Charles. Although Jamie is a professional at what he does, he still did his research and spent his time around him. During that time, he realized that he was an intelligent intellectual who by any means get done what he needs to, especially if he puts his mind to it. He doesn’t let the fact that he’s blind hinder him and Jamie looked up to that and used that not only in his role of Ray Charles, but to life in general.

Click the link below to see Jamie Foxx take lead during his time at the RPM Studio while Ray Charles is there.

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