Ksoo’s dad is flipping on his son and will be a witness for the state in the first-degree murder case against the Jacksonville rapper.

The father Jacksonville Rapper “Ksoo” will testify on behalf of the state in the first-degree murder case against his son, court records show.

Abdul Robinson Sr., 51, has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in a high-profile murder case in which both of his sons are charged. Hakeem Robinson, 23, is charged with first degree murder. Abdul Robinson Jr., 27, is charged with second degree murder. Robinson Sr. is charged as accessory after the fact to first degree murder. Three others are also charged in the case.

Police and prosecutors allege Robinson Sr. is the leader of a violent drug gang known as ATK or Ace’s Top Killers. His son Hakeem, who performs under the name Ksoo, is believed to be a member. Ksoo has helped popularize the genre known as “murder rap” because of how it celebrates the violent deaths of alleged gang rivals.

Hakeem Robinson was indicted of first-degree murder in two cases in March. In both, the victim was a rival Jacksonville rapper: Charles McCormick (aka Lil Buck, killed in January 2020) and Adrian Gainer (aka Bibby, killed in February 2019). He has pleaded not guilty.

Court records show Robinson Sr. has agreed to testify as a witness and he has been moved out of the Duval County Jail for his safety

Source: firstcoastnews

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