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Ja’Mal Green has been a community activist since his teenage years. Green got his first taste in politics when he served as the official surrogate for Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign. Doing the ground-work Green has extensive experience in community activism. In 2018 Green and his team created the non-profit organization “Majostee All Stars”. Through the organization, the youth of Chicago are the focus. Developing and mentoring kids to be all they can be. In 2020 Green invested in a Mobile Nail Salon in which he hired nail techs amidst the pandemic.

Green’s voice would reach a higher plight after protesting at different Chase Bank’s throughout the city regarding their unfair treatment towards African-American’s who apply for loans with the company. Green alongside other activist would force Chase to implement the Community Reinvestment Act after a report showed that over a 6-year-period Chase gave out just 1.9 percent of loans to Black neighborhoods. The protests at Chase Bank ultimately forced a billion dollar investment into low-income communities.

2020 was impactful for Green as an activist, in addition to his protests at Chase Bank he was also a key voice/leader throughout the protests against police brutality. While the city struggled to recoup after the riots/looting, Green raised money to help small businesses recover through his program “The Small Business Repair Program”. In the height of the George Floyd protests Green also played a part in building a dialogue between Black and Brown Communities after some Latino’s in the Little Village Community were called out for their aggressive behavior towards African-Americans during the riots.

Ja’Mal Green has prepared himself for a leadership role in the city of Chicago, through activism and entrepreneurship making him a favourable candidate amongst young people throughout the city.

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