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Jesus “Chuy” Garcia is a Congressman of Illinois  4th  Congressional district. Garcia’s road to politics is quite different from the other Mayoral candidates, he was born in Mexico and immigrated to America when he was 9 years old. Hailing from Chicago’s Little Village neighbourhood, he is the first Mexican-American elected into congress.

Garcia’s career has consistently progressed the communities around Chicago, after being inspired by the Civil Rights movements throughout the city Garcia began his journey by partnering with local organizers who were fighting for workers’ rights and community empowerment. In 1986 Garcia was elected into the Chicago City Council in which ended Council Wars and helped elect Chicago’s first Black mayor, Harold Washington.

After being elected to the State Senate, Garcia founded the Little Village Community Development Corporation. Under the organization, Garcia focused on prison reform, pro bono legal representation for immigrants and expanding public schools on the Southwest side of Chicago. As Congressman, Garcia has served on the Financial Services Committee, Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. And Natural Resources Committee.

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia has defined many odds, from immigration to politics, his background makes him a fit candidate.

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