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Sophia King the Alderman of the 4th ward which includes areas of Kenwood, Bronzeville, Hyde Park, Oakland and South Loop. Born in Colorado and raised in Evanston, IL, King earned her bachelor’s at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and master’s in education at Northwestern.

Long before King became a politician, she was changing the city in major ways. In 1996, King helped to establish Ariel Community Academy a K-8 school. Beyond the classrooms, she also created a program called Harriet’s Daughters, named after Harriet Tubman, Harriet’s Daughters, is a space for Black women to create opportunities for employment and wealth within African American neighborhoods.

In 2016, after being endorsed by Barack Obama, King won the City Council race. As a member of the Chicago’s Aldermanic Black Caucus and Chair of The City Council’s Progressive Reform Caucus, King has positioned herself as someone who cares about the communities she serves. From leading the initiative for $15.00 minimum wage, to helping pass the Anjanette Young Ordinance that bans no knock warrants as well as the Bring Home Chicago Ordinance. According to her website she also helped bring her colleagues and other stakeholders together to create the Civilian Office of Police Accountability. And led her caucus and the city council to usher in one of the most progressive budgets with resources for violence prevention, mental health and housing to name a few.

King’s resume as well as her responsibility to several neighborhoods throughout Chicago, make her an exceptional Mayoral Candidate.  To read her plan for Safety and Justice click the link below.

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