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Businessman Willie Wilson’s path to politics is one of humble beginnings. After dropping out of the 7th grade, the Louisiana native left home at 13 years old and began working in cotton and sugar cane fields. Eventually settling in Chicago, Wilson began working at McDonalds, and what started as a young boy flipping burger would later turn into being promoted to ultimately receiving a loan to buy his own franchise.

After acquiring 5 McDonalds Franchises, Wilson sold the restaurants and created a medical supply company. Wilson is known throughout the city as not just a businessman but a Philanthropist. In 2022, Wilson donated 1million dollars throughout the city for gas and groceries with the partnerships of Pete’s Market and Cermak Fresh Markets. Following the big donation in May of 2022, Wilson donated another $2.3 million for gas throughout the city and surrounding suburbs. Throughout Wilson’s path of Philanthropy he has also donated money to churches, community organizations, Chicago citizens who were on the verge of losing their homes as well as urged the American government to pay reparations to African-Americans who are descendants from slaves.

In January, Wilson was backed by 15th district Alderman Ray Lopez. While many believed Lopez would back former CEO of CPS Paul Vallas, Lopez ultimately determined Wilson was the right candidate to win the Mayoral Race and bring Black and Brown Communities together.

 “Dr. Wilson and I have grown a friendship. … He and I have been able to come together to discuss issues and propose solutions. That’s what we need in a mayor. That’s what I need as an alderman: a mayor who’s willing to listen and to work with me to get things done.”

“I know, being someone who has brought African Americans and Latinos together under one roof, that we can do this together. We can either focus on the historical tensions of the past. Or we can focus on the future. That’s what Dr. Wilson and I intend to do together. By healing old wounds, uniting neighborhoods and moving this city forward,” he said.

From a middle school dropout to Businessman, Philanthropist, Honorary Doctor, to possible next Mayor of Chicago, Wilson has created his own path to politics. Although his background is different compared to his counterparts, Wilson has gained respect from not only the citizens of Chicago but politicians who believe he is the right candidate to run for Mayor of Chicago.

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