Daze Summit festival has quickly become the SXSW of the North, taking over New York City for the past six years. The ten-day festival gives up and coming artists the opportunity to perform in front of some very important people. Curated by “Mr. Relationships” himself, Scott Morris of “Mor.Bookings Agency”, Morris brought some heavy hitters from the music industry to host different stages throughout the city. From Big D the Weatherman of Roc Nation to Quality Controls “Mr Too Official” each record exec had their own stage in which artists had the opportunity to not only perform but gain some wisdom from the people they hope to work with in the future.

Although performing was a big part of the festival, the networking aspect was top tier. At one point during each showcase, the hosts gave the artists 10 minutes to network with their peers and media. For those looking to expand their network it was a golden opportunity to build relationships. My favorite part of each night was watching the artists support one another as they did their thing on the stage. Depending on where you come from, artists may not always give support to each other, but the atmosphere “Mor.Bookings” created gave each artist the space to support one another even if they never met or heard each other’s music. In addition to reps from Roc Nation and Quality Control in attendance were Def Jam reps Shampoo and Ashley Tiffaney, H dot from Rolling Loud, Kevin Liles Jr from 300 Ent and two of New York’s hottest DJ’s, DJ Drewski from Hot 97 and DJ Self from Power 105.1.

The festival’s grand finale was hosted at the legendary SOB’s by Nathaniel the Great and Quality Control’s “Too Official”. For many artists SOB’s is a right of passage. Performing at SOB’s solidifies you as a talented artist the world will one day know. Everyone from Drake and Kanye West to Cardi B and Kendrick Lamar has graced the SOB’s stage. As some of the top artists from Daze Summit Festival made their way to perform, the energy was on a whole other level. After ten days of showcasing their talent, the artists walked on stage with more confidence, better connections and most importantly, more inspiration. Each artist put their heart on the stage and showed the world why Daze Summit Festival is extremely important for the culture and just might give SXSW a run for its money.

For more information on how you can be a part of next year’s Daze Music Festival log onto dazesummit.com

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