OZ Addresses Hate and Racism in America with His New “Lion” Video, Very Powerful..

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OZ is at it again, with another powerful visual, but this time his mission is more than just to showcase Ill rhymes. Oz addresses the racism and hate that some Americans might have against “brown” people (those who may be from the middle east). Oz is a first generation “immigrant”; his parents are not from America, but moved here like many others to start a better life in the land of the free. Like for most “immigrants”, the American dream comes with a cost.

Oz new visual directed by Vikram Bhaduri, illustrates what life was like for a young “Brown” kid moving to America after the September 11 terrorist attack. This was a time period in our country were middle eastern Americans faced a lot of hatred and racism. Many ignorantly viewed them as a terrorist based upon their appearance. Oz uses his poetic rhymes to help paint the emotions of those who were dealing with this type of hatred.

In a day and age were our 45th president is trying to enforce laws that will deport those who he deems that are not “true Americans”; the lion song/visual provides our country with a different perspective. Maybe if number 45 hears this song and watch this video his perspective will change as well….






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