Getting Specific With Bree: Radio and Event Host Bree Specific Sits Down With Our Writer Cheanell

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Chicago’s 290 Queen Breanna Anderson, who’s best known as Bree Specific is taking over the radio, and plans on taking over the world. The Public Relations degree holder decided that instead of managing the spread of information between someone and the public, she’ll embark on a journey to become a Media Personality. Recently, the radio personality was awarded her own show on Power 92.3 and is also now apart of the Whats The Word family. Specifics’, “Specific Sites” are now available on Whats The Word platforms showing you all the dope events going on in the Chicagoland. To get y’all familiar with our girl Bree, Whats The Word member Cheanell sat down with her to chat. The ladies talked men, colorism in this industry, education and more.

Cheanell: Who is Bree Specific?

Bree Specific: She’s the person within Breanna that never really came out. It took like 22-23 years to come out. Growing up I was shy, I didn’t have too many friends, I didn’t like to be around too many people. But I always felt like being outgoing was in me. But I didn’t know where it was. I feel like Bree Specific is the person that was inside of me that was scared to come out. “

Q: Is Bree Specific Brianna Anderson’s alter ego, do you click Bree on and off?

A: No, I don’t think I click her in and out. I think I’m okay with being who I am now. She came about in college. I think going to college made me who I am now.

Q: So was leaving SIUC while pursuing a Masters a difficult decision? Do you feel like it was a good move for your career?

A: I was terrified! I didn’t have a plan, I started doing radio my senior year and it rolled over to my first semester of grad school.  The only reason I went to grad school is because I didn’t have a plan and I knew I could keep my radio show if I stayed in school. In the meantime, I was sending my videos and audios to different people, but nobody was responding. I didn’t know how to get into radio, I didn’t go to school for it.

Q: What do you want next, what do you expect next from yourself?

A: I really want to hone into being an entrepreneur. I have a candle line called Specific Scents and it is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I feel like it explains who I am. I’m a real zen person. I want to learn more about entrepreneurship.

Q: You host events, you have a radio show and you’re an entrepreneur, what suffers in your life?

A: My candle business.  I work a lot to support my lifestyle and to invest in myself. I have to work to buy inventory and people not buying the candle and I have to figure out why they’re not buying the candle and that costs money.

Q: Does your dating life suffer too because you’re a woman in media?

A: Yes, my dm’s do not bust, well they just started bustin. As far as dating, I really believe in friendship first. A lot of people have more loyalty for their friends than they do their counterpart.

Q: Do men befriend you to better their careers?

A: I have that happen all the time and I see through it all the time. I will start talking to someone and then they’ll start sending me music or their homie music. It is an instant turn off for me.

Q: What else do you battle with in this industry that comes with you being a woman? Colorism?

A: Yeah, I’ve had someone in this industry come up and tell me “They’ll never going to pick you, you’re too dark skin.”

Q: They said this to your face?

A: Yeah, but I never took it as an insult. They weren’t saying I’m not capable or that I’m not talented. I took it as that person being someone in the industry and being around and knowing what’s going on. However, that made me work harder. I feel like colorism is definitely a real thing. 

Q: What is your motivation to stay positive and reach your goals?

A: My family and wanting better for myself. Sometimes I found myself just wondering about my future. I want my family to be okay. If I’m ever in a jam, me and my parents are going to figure it out. I just want to be at peace. Me really being at peace in trying to be specific with my self has really got me to where I am now.

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