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Booman is a larger than life creative who’s musical
energy exudes dynamically both on stage and off.
Growing up as an only child on Chicago’s South
Side, his sole outlet was creativity and limitless
imagination. This has afforded him the opportunity
to wear many hats in creative spaces as; a producer,
engineer, songwriter, model, and creative director.
For all of his creative talents, music is the key that
unlocks his drive and passion for success.
At the height of his Engineering career, Booman
decided to put everything on the line and go after
his dreams full- time. He channeled his pain and
frustration with the things going on in his
personal life, as well as his community, through his
music as a means to create positivity and hope.

Booman’s musical and creative style consistently
plays with perceptions and metaphors to highlight things in the world around him. To grow and
expand his talents, Booman often infuses multiple genres and styles in his music.
Currently, the Booman Forever “And Then Boom” Album has been released on all music platforms.
Music videos for “Woods” and “Crash Site” are also available on YouTube and Instagram. Gearing up
for a busy summer, his team is currently in pre-production on filming new music videos for “Drive”
“I’m Chicago” and “Brey”. A 9 song digital concert of Boom’s music is currently in post production as
well a documentary about his life growing up in Chicago’s Englewood. Against the odds, Booman
chose a different path in life. He hopes to continue to use his music and success as a driving force for
the betterment of his community and to continue to shine a spotlight on Chicago.

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