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Authentic is a stand out Chicago kid. Holding influence from Chicago stars such as Saba, he’s definitely one to watch as his buzz grows over various spaces in our city. The kid from 290 sets himself apart from the crowd with his intricate lyricism and fearless expressions of truth and transparency that can certainly help a listening ear. In my opinion, that’s pretty much what music is all about, being able to feel and express. Check out my convo with Authentic below:

AGE: I’m 25.

I grew up listening to: Hella R&B , so Luther Vandross. Thanks to my mama, I mean my grandma.

How did you get your buzz? Uh, how did I get my buzz? I guess promoted myself, even though I’m an intro, like always was in wherever everybody else was at trying to, you feel me? Put my foot in the door.

My style has been compared to: West Side Boogie and Saba

I’m going to blow up because: Cause I’m not like everybody else.

What’s your most slept on song and why? Most slept on song? Uh, it’s a love song. It’s called Soup. And I say it is slept on because not only the bars, but like, that’s like when you feel me, if you got a significant other, you trying to get a significant other, you play that song, you definitely finna get some cool points with it. Not gonna lie to you.

My standout record to date has been what: Either between “Self-sabotage” or “Self-love”. Self-sabotage is what, what’s the buzz that’s, uh, currently playing on, the people’s choice. Self-love definitely talks about just loving yourself or whatnot, giving a different, you know, perspective than what we got in today’s music.

Most people don’t know: Most people don’t know that I’m also an artist, like I be drawing stuff, so you feel me? I got some merch that I’m supposed to be coming out soon. Hopefully, God willing, I do the designs and made the logos and everything, so stay on the lookout.

I’m going to be the next: I’m going to be the first Authentic. So when y’all see me, y’all going to have y’all little comparisons, but besides that, y’all gonna be like, you know, that man is himself. Nobody else gonna be him.

What would you say your favorite track is? My favorite track, God and Self. I found this beat and it had like some jazz chords going on with it. And the song had been already written before I found the beat. And this was just like a conversation I had with me and God. And it was just like, as soon as I put on the beat it was perfect matrimony. So definitely, if y’all can definitely go check that song out, just check out the whole ep, man. bomb.

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