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THE WORD | A LYNCHING or JUSTICE? Reacting to the Execution of Nathiel Woods


THE WORD | A LYNCHING or JUSTICE? Reacting to the Execution of Nathiel Woods

Alabama inmate Nathaniel Woods was put to death Thursday night, three hours after his scheduled execution was initially delayed when the U.S. Supreme Court stepped in for a last-minute review of his

But the high court ultimately declined to intervene, and Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey also said she would not impede the execution, sealing Wood’s fate.

Alabama inmate Nathaniel Woods executed for murders of Alabama police officers in 2014. Wood’s co-defendant, who has confessed to being the triggerman and denies Woods was complicit, implored for his execution to be stopped.

Prosecutors said he was just as guilty as the man who pulled the trigger. He had been a mastermind, prosecutors said, luring police officers in Birmingham, Ala., into a house where three of them were killed.

The families of the slain police officers Carlos Owen, Harley A. Chisholm III, and Charles R. Bennett spoke out.

 “Partial justice has been served for our family today,” the statement read. “Nathaniel Woods chose his fate on June 17, 2004. That horrific day could have been prevented if he had any kind of compassion or respect for law enforcement.” – Sister of Officer Harley A. Chisholm III

“My brother Harley was a sweet, caring, honest, hard-working, gentle loving man with a huge heart of gold,” a third sister, Brenda Wicinski, said. “Our lives were shattered and our worlds turned upside down on that horrific day.” via

In the days leading up to the execution, Wood’s family and prominent activists rallied on his behalf, collecting signatures in hopes of swaying Ivey to grant him clemency. Renewed questions surrounding his trial, accusations that his case was mishandled, and scrutiny over how Alabama’s criminal laws treat black defendants raised concerns.

After reviewing both sides, do you feel like justice was served? Or can this be a “Lynching” of a man who deserved better.? DROP COMMENTS BELOW.

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