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WemmyMo Releases His New EP “Holding On To Yesterday”


WemmyMo Releases His New EP “Holding On To Yesterday”

WemmyMo is back with a brand new project to kick start the year. “Holding On To Yesterday” is a four track ep/demo tape that offers poetic lyricism with soulful melodies. The project starts off with two R&B felt tracks. “Holding On” touches on romantic hardships and the consequences of not letting go.

While “Angel Eyes & Butterflies”, remix to SSGKobe’s Caddy, details the aftermath of parting ways. Lyrics like “i got some gelato and this bottle imma roll some weed up . . . imma throw my pen away i dont need ya” illustrates Wemmy’s ways of coping. However, the second half of the project progresses into the state of acceptance. The melodies over the guitar loop on “What Can I Say” brings a chill vibe as Wemmy embraces everything that made him “who [he] [is] today”. “Lessons” dives into his transition from adolescence to adulthood, showing great appreciation for what he’s learn along the way.


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