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Discover Your Ish: WOMANISH Exhibition Created by Women for Women


Discover Your Ish: WOMANISH Exhibition Created by Women for Women

Motivating, inspiring, and captivating are words that describe the WOMANISH Exhibition showcased at 114 S State St. Whats The Word was invited to preview the exhibit before its official opening. 


“Two sisters have made it their life’s mission to support women and create safe, uplifting, and simply FUN environments to connect in…Wanting to connect women in Chicago and beyond, they have begun to develop WOMANISH as a movement that breaks single-definition stereotypes of being a woman and celebrates various womxn’s perspectives through the interactive art of experiences.” These are the words used to describe the exhibit on the WOMANISH website.

Upon arrival at the exhibit, I was blown away with the array of vibrant colors. It was as if you had walked into a time machine and been transported right into a 1950s diner. The message of women’s empowerment was blatant with “We Can Do It!” era paraphernalia plastered on the walls, and a menu to be served during the visit.


Wonder is the best way to describe the feeling of walking into the WOMANISH Exhibit. You didn’t know what the journey was going to bring. I went in, expecting one thing and left out with a completely new mindset. When you can see the world through the eyes of others, it makes. You question all of the things you thought were true. I especially encourage men to visit the exhibit and get in touch with their “feminine side.”


With five floors of different installations to captivate you, WOMANISH is daring and bold. My favorite is between “Consumerish” and “Childish.” Not to give too much away, but the feeling of rage when looking at the “Consumerish” installation was completely faded when I walked into “Childish.” It was conflicting, but most of all, beautiful.


A huge thanks to our friends at Swank PR.

WOMANISH will be open for all to experience on Friday, September 3rd. 

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