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City of Chicago presents Let’s Talk About It: A Conversation About COVID-19 vaccine part 1


REAL TALK: Let’s start the conversation about the COVID-19 vaccine with real voices and real facts. #protectchicago Watch the full series below

 Tricky conversations about the COVID-19 vaccine with family & friends: Listen, Ask, Help!

We all know someone who is hesitant to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Whether it’s due to misinformation online or false assumptions about how the vaccine works, there are numerous reasons why people won’t get vaccinated.  

LISTEN – It is important that while having these conversations, we listen to each other. It isn’t easy to have differing opinions with loved ones. But listening to each other and acknowledging each other’s thoughts is the first step towards getting more loved ones vaccinated.

Minority communities have the highest rate of COVID-19 cases and are the least vaccinated. By listening to their concerns, we can spark an honest, lifesaving conversation. 

Acknowledge understandable fears minorities have regarding the medical community. This may be a central reason as to why these individuals won’t get vaccinated.

While listening, do not get discouraged. Many people use the internet for answers, and we need to ensure the information they are consuming is accurate.

ASK – Many non-vaccinated individuals feel as though the vaccine will affect their bodies worse than the virus itself. Ask questions about their concerns so that an honest conversation can be had. Empower them to learn more by explaining the differences in all three vaccines.

After you ask them their ’why’ tell them your reason why by relating to their fears. Try and understand why they may be hesitant and ask them to elaborate on their concerns.

HELP – The ending of the conversation that we’re hoping for is to not only convince someone to get vaccinated but to also feel more educated to have the conversation with someone else, and so on.

Dispel myths with facts by acknowledging how their decision to get vaccinated can help save their life.

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