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After opening a store in 2021, providing custom-made pieces to celebrities and producing a top-tier
Fashion Show in Chicago, Breana Greenlee, AKA King B, has taken her talents to Atlanta.

“I just decided to pick up and go. I have no kids and nothing holding me back. I feel like I’ve already created a following in Chicago and if I wanted to grow my business, I needed to take this next step.”

So why did she close her store and decide to move to another city? As Greenlee’s clientele grew, she knew the next step was to expand. From custom-made dresses to her King B collection pieces, the brand has become a staple in Chicago fashion. But what if King B became a fashion staple to the world?

“I want to grow my business, I will still come back to Chicago for clients, but my focus is growing my clientele in Atlanta. If I want to fulfill the vision for King B I need to grow outside of Chicago.”

At some point, most creatives take the risk and leave their cities. While some applaud people for leaving their hometown, some choose to stay planted in their city. For Greenlee, the idea of leaving was something she felt was important not only professionally but personally.

“It is important for people to get out of their cities and create new relationships outside of what they’re used to. This is how you grow. I had no problem leaving everything I had behind. I understand that if I want to grow I have to be able to take the risks.”

When it comes to custom prom dresses, no one does prom like King B. And although many of us are excited Greenlee has expanded her business, it raises the question, will King B take on prom season next year?

“The plan is to do another prom season. But instead of custom-made dresses, I will do things differently. Next year I will make all dresses by size customers will then be able to purchase them online. I have a bigger vision for where I want to take King B, and if I want to take it to the next level I have to meet my sales goals.”

Dresses aren’t the only thing new to the King B brand. The fashion designer unveiled her sunglasses and handmade swimwear collection “KB Swim” in July. Although fashion releases typically take place a season ahead, Greenlee wasn’t concerned about being tardy to the fashion party.

“I could’ve waited until next year to release my swim collection but I didn’t want to. I had a vision and I wanted to execute it. I knew they would sell regardless of the timing. My advice to other creatives would be to not second guess your work. Release what you want no matter the timing.”

Greenlee proved herself right. After just a few days, the swimwear sold out. As Greenlee gears up for another restock, one thing is for sure, whether King B is based in Chicago or Atlanta, the vision is clearer than ever.

“I want King B in high-end department stores. I know the path I need to take to get there. And I am confident that I will make it happen.”

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