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KAYO & The Project You Didn’t Know You Needed


KAYO & The Project You Didn’t Know You Needed

There’s been a ton of talk surrounding the new renaissance of young artists giving a fresh impression to Chicago music. Amongst those artists, Kayo, from the Southside, has advertently made space for his artistry on the scene. His debut album, It Was Fun While It Lasted, is a pleasing circulation of reviving sounds and eminent storytelling featuring other great creatives from our city. If you’ve never heard of Kayo, here’s your sign to get in tune.

AGE: 23 (January 23, 1999)

Hometown (neighborhood):
There’s like 20 answers to this but I’ll claim Chicago Heights. I’ve moved over 20 times in my life including to St. Louis for some time (due to my parents bouncing around), but I learned how to rap, and pretty much entered my adolescence in The Heights. My second answer to this would be Washington Heights, I stayed there with my grandma for pretty much all of my late teens to adult years until moving out on my own.

I grew up listening to:
I had this mp3 player that my mom gave me when I got into music and she uploaded nothing but Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Usher, Eminem, Jay-Z, Ye and Michael Buble on it so I got very acquainted with them early. Later on, I got into Common, Lupe Fiasco, Wayne, Rick Ross. My obvious favorite of all the above is Hov.

How Did You Get Your BUZZ?: 
Idek if I can say I got buzz right now but honestly, just being consistent. This album is my first real full-length project, but I was getting social traction just by dropping freestyle’s regularly, posting regularly, performing, being outside, etc. I think the biggest key though is being good at what I do. The reception to the album and everything else I do is almost totally built off reputation. If you can find a way to be seen often and be on point every time you are seen, you should be golden.

My style’s been compared to:
This a cheat code answer but the truth nonetheless, I usually get compared to either Hov or Drake, so I’ll take it. I saw one tweet the other day saying I reminded them of Kendrick, but I don’t see that one much even though I’m honored. Early on I was compared to J. Cole, but I was also probably biting him at that time lol

I’m going to blow up because: 

I think the music speaks for itself, so does the consistency, and the overall packaging. I feel like I do this at a high enough level to break through sooner than later. Also, I really have always taken the one fan at a time method, so I’ve been able to build a stable foundation to continue to push me where I need to be. Forever grateful for that.

What’s your most slept-on song, and why?:
WHEN I GROW UP by far!!! No one has had that as their number one from the album yet. That is so crazy to me. It’s probably because it’s melancholy and doesn’t have any drums but mugs gotta stop tweaking on that one.

My standout records to date have been:
Make It Real, Still, Wait on Me, and probably Hidden Hills w/Ausar

Most people don’t know:
That I am a Muslim. If you listen close enough to the music, you can probably put it together but that’s the only thing I can think of now.

I’m going to be the next:
Mogul. Superstar. Icon.

Favorite Track:
By me, Wait on Me. In life it changes every week but right now, Stevie Wonder – Knocks Me Off My Feet

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