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An Out West Princess Making Her Mark In The City, CECE BKE Is Next Up!


An Out West Princess Making Her Mark In The City, CECE BKE Is Next Up!

Chicago bred, westside raised, and lyrically motivated to uphold the trajectory of the female artist takeover in music, Cece BKE is the one to know. If you ask what she’s been up to? She’s been showing us better than she can tell us. Making her way through different freestyle sessions, music videos, Chicago radio interviews and more. CECE is pushing herself the right way in and outside of the city. One of her latest tracks, Be FR, shows you exactly how she’s coming.



Hometown (neighborhood):  

West side, Chicago 

I grew up listening to:

8ball mjg, Craig Mack , biggie , Tupac , Eve , bonethugs & harmony etc 

How Did You Get Your BUZZ?: 

 I would just post my work online & people just started supporting , people outside telling me they heard my music and they rocking with it – over time it just built traction 

My style’s been compared to:

Depending on the song you’ll get different answers some say BIA some say Dej loaf others say Eve or even 

I’m going to blow up because: 

I give my all into everything I do & I’m not backing down – I’ve been through way to much in my life . 

What’s your most slept-on song, and why?: 

Check me – for sure I just feel like not many people heard it and it’s so relatable to women , it’s also a destiny’s child remake to bills bills bills so it’s pretty dope to me but it went over a lotta heads . 

My standout records to date have been:

Dummies , kick bricks , girls just wanna have funds, stacks . Cap – they all got a lotta love . 

Most people don’t know:

As girly and prissy as I may seem I’m literally the opposite , with my hair and nails done I will lay down a new floor repaint replace floor borders and all – anything to get my environment right to record. 

I’m going to be the next:

Barrier breaker . I don’t think what I plan to do has been done before  

Favorite Track:

 Zae Muney World 

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