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Leo w3ST Drops A Soulful Flow In Live Performance of “Been A Minute” After Major Co-Sign in Source Magazine

eo has been releasing live performance videos that have been gaining traction including his latest co-sign from Source Mag and he’s continuing to drop more content from his latest project “Just HML.” Fan favorite Been A Minute, has a dynamic sound that speaks to his soulful flow that has been drawing the industry to his music. Straight out of the “Crib” Leo performs live with his producer in crime Domm giving his fans a different type of energy. 

From recording with Mick Jenkins to performing a live set in the middle of a living roomLeo w3ST is ahead of his time combined with an old soul.  While “Been A Min”. is a signature sound between him and producer Domm, the live aspect of the single displays the cool, calm and collective mood that Leo resonates throughout his album “Just HML.” The Chicago native is always up for creating the right vibes at the right time and this performance captures it perfectly.

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