9 members of the “Pocket Town” Gangster Disciples accused of buying guns from U.S. soldiers in Kentucky.

9 members of the “Pocket Town” Gangster Disciples face federal conspiracy charges in connection with an alleged gun-running operation led by U.S. Soldiers.

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9 members of Gangster Disciples (GDs), 3 US Army soldiers charged with conspiracy in alleged gun-running operation. The “Pocket Town” faction of the GDs, located on the south side of Chicago are involved in the case masterminded by three U.S. Army soldiers, that brought a host of weapons to Chicago in recent years.

WGN reported a 21-count indictment, unsealed Wednesday in federal court in Nashville, charges the soldiers and gang members with conspiracy, money laundering conspiracy and conspiracy to commit firearms offenses in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime.

We recently reported on the three soldiers involved ( Brandon Miller, Jarius Brunson and Demarcus Adams ) who were initially charged in 2021 with supplying weapons to gang members in Chicago.

Pocket Town is rumored to be at odds with some Black P Stones known as “No Limit”

On Jan. 28, 2021, Gregory Jackson III, a No Limit-affiliated known as “Lil Greg,” was shot and killed. Jackson was a close associate of G Herbo— one of Chicago’s most popular hip-hop artists who has long claimed loyalty to No Limit.

In a 2012 song with fellow local rapper Lil Bibby, G Herbo sang: “Yeah it’s No Limit, 30 years runnin’, 30 years gunnin’ and we still the s—.”

The weapons used in Lil Greg’s are connected to the alleged firearm conspiracy led my the Three soldiers.

Source: WGN NEWS

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