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KingPinRue, ” The Undiscovered HitMaker.”


KingPinRue, ” The Undiscovered HitMaker.”



Self- Proclaimed as Chicago’s “Undiscovered Hitmaker,” KingPinRue is an artist determined to bringing a positive and more enjoyable scenic route to the city’s music scene. South Side raised, Rue has undoubtedly become one of the hardest working artists hailing from Chicago. With his ability to make songs that will turn a pre-game into a party and network of music enthusiasts backing his career, the “Super Like” rapper obviously know’s what it means to build his buzz and has the new Chicago music game on lock. Learn more about Rue below:

AGE: 28

Hometown (neighborhood): Chicago, low end- 35th 

I grew up listening to: Nelly , ludacris, ti, bow wow , 50 cent 

How Did You Get Your BUZZ?: Stony Altima in 2018 

My style’s been compared to: Uncle Luke , beat king , lil yatchy , da baby 

I’m going to blow up because: I’m making Chicago music fun again, less violent, and creating a lane for fun music. 

What’s your most slept-on song, and why?: I Feel like Super Like & Ladies Night are my most Slept on songs because it came right out of the pandemic 

My standout records to date have been: Thot It, Stony Altima, Super Like, Ladies Night ft. Chanelle Tru

Most people don’t know: Stony Altima was my first song on the radio. I performed with Power 92 at Dunbar’s Pep Rally Takeover 2018. I Shut down Perspective High School 2018 Pep Rally.

I toured on school with Korporate 2 years back to back in 2016 & 2017 w/ redwell & connect the stars 

I’m going to be the next: Artist That’s Gone Bring Chicago Artist together no matter what gang you in. I feel like I can help bridge that gap that chicago needs and wants to see more of. Also helping the right people get heard as well. 

Writer’s Favorite Track: Make Sum Shake ft. Carla G

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