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Rapper Queen Key is facing backlash after two men who have worked with her are alleging, she lacks professionalism and overall has a horrible attitude. In separate posts that made it’s rounds on social media, a videographer by the name of Ray Money who has shot 20 plus videos for the rapper and entrepreneur Terrell Henry both claim that not only is she difficult to work with but also entitled, has an attitude, expects people to work for less than their worth and treats the people around her with zero respect.

The first claim came back in February when Ray Money spoke out via Facebook alleging Queen Key acted unprofessionally because she was left on read by the videographer. The man claims she was mad that he did not take an offer to shoot her reality show/Vlog “Key Plus 3” after offering him $1,000 per episode even though he only specializes in music videos and his asking price is $2,500. Upset by her antics Ray took to Facebook to not only speak on the matter but expose the type of person Queen Key is.

“For years I’ve passively dealt with her snappy attitude & disrespectful ways & tone in which she likes to speak to people, with the understanding that’s just who she is as a person. But today decided I wanted to show the world who she truly is. She likes to put on this positive & good energy persona for the internet but in real life that couldn’t be so far from the truth. Not only has she tried to talk crazy to me in the past, but I’ve personally witnessed her talk crazy to other people who worked with her, from bodyguards to managers, makeup artists to her own friends etc.”

Most recently, Entrepeneur Terrell Henry booked Queen Key to showcase extensions for his latest project “The Vendor Vault” a look book he is creating for vendors to showcase their hair extensions. A fan of the rapper, he reached out and asked if she would model as a part of the look book. In what was supposed to be a photoshoot celebrating women and giving other entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their product, the shoot was stifled by Queen Key’s alleged unprofessionalism. From arriving 4 hours late, to her unpleasant attitude while receiving makeup services. Making matters worse, the businessman alleges Queen Key became disorderly after being asked to not drink alcohol on the premises. The rapper refused to stop drinking and did not want to stick around to be a part of the group shot for the look book. After the argument escalated between Henry and Queen Key, she was escorted out by security. In addition to her disorderly conduct, she continued the confrontation via text, where she called Henry homophobic slurs.

Some may argue that Queen Key’s behavior is very diva-like. Many artists, especially women have high demands when working with businesses. Artists like, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey and Beyonce all have a reputation for having outrageous demands. We have long heard rumors of how rude Jennifer Lopez is. But where do we draw the line between being a diva and unprofessional? Are they one in the same? Let us know.

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