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Over the past year, Lil Durk could be seen at some of the biggest Fashion shows and hanging around some well known designers. He has just announced that he’s making a major move into the tech space through the world of fashion with his co-founded physical sneaker collection, NXTG3NZ.

The collection NXTG3NZ, stands for Next Generation Z with the 3 representing Web3 which is a collection that’s bringing together the experience from the digital and physical world.

The team behind the collection consists of elite creatives, music and sports executives. They are working hard to ensure that the sneakers are not only fashionable but of the highest quality possible and integrate the digital counterparts of its products into various gaming environments, including Durk’s own OTF Gaming system.

To get your hands on a pair of Durk’s 7720s, collectors will need to purchase an NFT on the Algorand Blockchain, which has a supply of 11,111 tokens — release dates and pricing to be announced on the brand’s official channels soon.

During an exclusive interview with Hypermoon, Lil Durk expressed, “I think both of them are pretty dope, I’m starting to actually get into fashion myself — working with brands in the fashion world and walked in the Amiri fashion show,” he explained that “that’s why I created my own gaming system, OTF Gaming. These things are part of my life and who I’m becoming so trying to educate myself on both of these. Gaming is something I do on my downtime after coming off a road trip or tour. NXTG3NZ shoes is about combining the things I love. It’s going to be one of the biggest brands in the next decade!”

Durk added that “shoes in games are important too cause I want to set an example for the youth that if you believe in something with an idea and have a great team behind you can accomplish anything.”

Lil Durk’s move into the tech space through NXTG3NZ shows that he is stepping into his entrepreneurial self and has major interests from venture funds and major brands already. The project is gaining momentum and attention globally from sneaker enthusiasts.

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